A party drug that will make you go crazy, see things that doesn't exist, and make you feel like a boss!
Originally KETA is a type of medicine designed to paralyze horses before a surgery.
Slang for KETA could be:


When doing KETA, its very important to drink lots and lots of water, to avoid dehydration.
Steen takes some KETA, to a techno party. The next day when the party is over, Steen is still having a party, dancing alone and yelling because he thinks the party is still on.
KETA and party is good.
KETA, party and horses is bad.
Horses and party is not that good either. - Only if there were horses.
by CELSDK October 9, 2011
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Keta's are girls that are extremely smart, funny, talented and can always dance ORANGE JUSTICE. They usually have stupid friends who care a lot about them. You are fortunate if you know a Keta. Plus, she's super cute
That girl looks like a Keta.......
by Silent_nuts April 23, 2019
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The sweetest of ladies. She tends to look like a Disney princess and has a rocking athletic body. She is kind and funny and full of adventure.
That girl is a Keta, I just want to hang out!
by CeeJB August 25, 2012
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A funny and witty denizen of GameFAQs.
Loved by all, especially Samurai Tiga.
That Keta sure is awesome!
by Zeek The Cat January 22, 2003
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A person or persons whom get extraordinarily hostile while under the influence of Ketaset and/or Ketamine.
Stop insufflating that K! You’re becoming keta-mean!”
by Keronica Kadwell February 16, 2018
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Tears that does not come from sadness or any other feelings, but strictly as a course of beeing smashed through time and spare.
by OpelKadetja+KajBajer December 18, 2021
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Adjective. To be incapitated due to overuse of the ketamine drug. Usually results in time distortion, general lack of awareness and having an all round good time. An individual who finds himself/herself keta-faced will find the desire to inform all around that he/she is keta-faced and doesn't know whats going on. They, however, will lack the ability/motivation to describe the experience throughly.
"I had just finished my second bag of special K and was absolutely keta-faced!"
"Fuck me, the room is spinning, i must be keta-faced!"
by The Horse Whisperer786 March 26, 2010
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