KCK is an acronym for Kansas City, KS. This city sits on the border of Kansas and Missouri, along the Kansas and Missouri Rivers. It is just west of KCMO (Kansas City, Missouri). Although a separate city from KCMO, KCK and KCMO are nearly indistinguishable. The border between the two is often unnoticeable, even to locals. And the two cities comprise the urban core of the Kansas City metropolitan area, a metro of 2 million people in 2007. Combined, KCK and KCMO have about 600,000 people so they are the anchor cities for the metro area, similar to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. KCK has had a renaissance of sorts in the past decade and many more people are not only moving to KCK, but it has also become a tourist magnet for the region. The Kansas Speedway opened in 2001 and has spurred other developments in the city such as The Legends shopping center which is part of the bigger Village West district, an area of shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, and entertainment venues. The new Schlitterbahn Vacation Village water park is set to open nearby in 2009 or 2010. This water park in KCK will be one of the biggest and most impressive water parks in the United States.
I'm going to KCK to catch an Indy car race, do some shopping, and have a nice dinner tonight.
by kc_royal September 4, 2007
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Kansas City, Kansas. The less attractive, industrial brother of Kansas City, Missouri. Often mistaken for the larger city across the river where the Chiefs and Royals play. Also, home of World's Fastest Man, Maurice Green.
Kansas City is in Missouri; KCK is a suburb.
by FreeNachos October 27, 2004
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Kansas City Kansas is smaller and more grimey then Kansas City Missouri. Wyandotte County A.K.A. Grinddotte is very neglected, while KC Mo and Jackson County are treated much better. The black and hispanic parts of the entire greater Kansas City area suffer from local governments gross misuse of tax payers money, but Wyandotte county falls victim to the worst treatment. Gangs and crime in K.C.K are out of control and have been for a long time. K.C. Mo and Wyandotte County are the heart of the true Kansas City.
KCK/Wyandotte County A.K.A. Grinddotte is where the blue collar works that build Kansas City live.
by Real Truth August 9, 2006
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Kill Count Kiddy - a gamer who values kill/death ratio over any other aspect of the game, regardless of whether or not garnering the most kills or best ratio is actually the objective.
Guy#1: "Hell yeah, I've got ten kills now! Better than any of you..."

Guy#2: "That's not the point of the game; you haven't contributed to the actual objective you fucking KCK!"
by TRHA August 16, 2011
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Kansas City Kansas, Wyandotte County like whoah.. anyone who lives in Johnson County.. also in KCK, is a complete jackass, full of rich homosexuals that live off there mommy and daddy.
In Kansas City, people who live in Johnson County are known as rich pussies.
by Benzo June 7, 2004
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Kids Computer Kamp - a place for kids to learn valuable skills that they will use for a lifetime! Visit www.kck21stcentury.com
Kids have a BLAST! at KCK (Kids Computer Kamp).
by Sam December 2, 2003
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>^..^< Kansas City Kitty; an Irish Catholic resident of Kansas City, female, with children who she will viciously defend to the death, poor, and probably once a resident of the West Bottoms under the rule of the big Boss Man and crooked Irish Catholic Gangster, leader of the Goats fighting the Rabbits, and known to mess with people from KKK presidents to Jazz musicians, and the Italian Mafia: Tom Pendergast (now has a KC bar named "Tom's Town" after him). The KCK was made famous by a WB cartoon called "We, the Animals Squeak!" Which is a Looney Tunes cartoon animated short starring Porky Pig. Released August 9, 1941, the cartoon is directed by Bob Clampett. The voices were performed by Mel Blanc, Sara Berner, Billy Bletcher and Michael Maltese. You can find her in her modern form under hashtags like #KansasCityKitty #KillaCityKitty #KillerCityKitty #KCModel etc. There is a store in Colorado named after her, but not a real KCK, because it's in Colorado, so just a trendy wanna be Denver Hippy sorta thing. There is some WWII nose art depicting her. She is the Woman of all Women! She may enjoy fighting, spiting, cussing, drinking, cat walking, and more! 🐈 Also used as a code word for Kansas City Kansas (KCK), though typically thought of as a Missourian.
Kansas City here I come... They got a thousand pretty women, and I'm gonna get me one... A KCK, I hope!
by 18thAndCentral September 14, 2018
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