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That ex girlfriend every guy has that was such manipulative psycho bitch, she made him think he was happy in the worst relationship. Upon looking back on the relationship that was, the guy decides it was so inhumane that the ex girlfriend should not be dignified with a full name, just the first letter so the bros know who he's talking about. The word is only whispered in the belief that as the spawn of Satan, she will hear and appear in the blink of an eye.
"Then after she slapped me and chipped my tooth, I found MYSELF apologizing"

bro- Who the hell was that?

>.> *whisper* "The K-word"
by AnoxicSoldier May 26, 2013
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Nobody in Tyler1's chat knew what he meant when he said "That Kassadin tilted me so hard, I almost said the k-word"
He means 'kys'
by yellow racecar September 17, 2019
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