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a more realistic nickname for that pussy wigger white trash piece of shit commonly refered to as k-fed
Did you see K-Fag on tv wearing his wife beater with the mustard stain on it?

I saw K-Fag giving Britney a filthy ramirez
by Dirtysnchz03 July 26, 2007
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kfag (korean faggot) - noun. an overly obsessed k-pop fanboy/fangirl who isn't even of korean descent. kfags usually have a playlist filled with Big Bang and DBSK songs and know no other artists outside of wondersmurf's selection of songs. Some pretend to know the Korean language by watching excessive amounts of kdramas, although in reality the only Korean words they know are 'oppa,' 'hwaiting,' and 'Xiah Junsu.' kfags will often incorporate Korean media into everyday life for no apparent reason at all. Both genders will most likely be found on the street dressed like G-Dragon's personal mannequin. When asked for their ethnicities, they will often refer to themselves as "Korean at heart." Most females (and unsurprisingly, some males) will have at least one Super Junior poster hanging on their wall. The majority of kfags listened to their first Korean song less than a year ago, but will argue with a Korean person on Soompi over matters in which they know nothing about. kfags are completely oblivious to artists such as H.O.T, G.O.D, S.E.S, or pretty much anybody who debuted before Epik High.
Girl: I think Chace Crawford is the hottest white guy ever.
kfag: Chace Crawford is okay but is nothing compared to T.O.P., Yoobin, or Kim Hyunyoong. Plus he has a wannabe Korean haircut taht looks like Tablo/Wheesong/Siwon/Minwoo/Daesung's old hairstyle.
Girl: ................ Who and what are you talking about?

by snapeful July 06, 2009
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Any douchebag who tries to emulate kevin federline's style by wearing baggy jeans, a dirty white wife beater, not shaving or showering for a few days, and having a crappy haircut.
"Is that a kfed wannabe?"

"No, thats a k fag"
by whirledpeas July 12, 2008
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