Slang for payment due when being treated to somebody else's Ketamine batch.. Usually in Greek the expectation is that of a sexual favour in the 'A' level so that's Kolos for Ketamine.
Thats a smoking piece of ass! Think it 'll go K for K?
by dimis.ef August 10, 2008
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K lo K is a dominican slang..It meansz whatsz go0od..or wutsz up wit chu.
juan:ayy k lo k?
melisa:naaa just chillin.Ya tu sabe
by Kristie1989066 October 2, 2006
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Dominican slang Web abbreviature equivalent to "wassup". Contraction from "qué es lo que pasa" (literally "what's it that happens" -> "what's happening").
Pronnounced "Qué lo qué".
Qué es lo que pasa -> qué lo que -> ke lo ke -> k lo k -> klk
by Individuo February 1, 2007
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Black people cannot join the K. K. K. So we kill them all because they didn't let us white folk join their clubs first!
by Mystical69Zebra May 11, 2017
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Sentence someone say when they don't know what to say or they don't give a fuck bout someone's opinion or saying
Grady : bro bro tau ga bro yeezy gw 5
Nick : K sip k bre
by Mika Rafa Tidur September 6, 2021
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it actually means "ok ok" pero people use it with the meaning "alright"

it is most used in online games.
A: Hey lets team-up and kill that monster over there.
B: k k
by ExRsPlayer October 30, 2010
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A site tricking the user into looking up the Ku Klux Klan, but instead features a video of a black guy deepthroating another black guy, to the tune of the Joe Budden song Pump It Up.
I scarred myself for life on
by Cummy worm August 19, 2011
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