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Stands for Katherine Joy Hopkins, and means many things (She is the best attack helicopter you will ever find). For example, Katherine can be shortened to Katey, which means "asshole", "beotch", and/or "daddy." Joy means happy, but not in her case. She suffers from depression, anxiety, and asthma. Her parents named her Joy after the light and happiness she brought them, but she did not feel that light and happiness back. She is constantly in a battle with herself for happiness, and love, and laughter, for security, and comfort. She finds all of that in her friends and feeds off their happiness. Hopkins means family and love. She describes it as, "a royal family in Ireland", but I think it means more. Katherine is such a good gal and is loved by all who meet her. If cross paths with her, be sure to give her a high five and a smile, for you will receive one back!
K J H is such a cool bean! - Dani
K J H? Oh shes lit but she can't oof. -Mumzy
Shes a butthole.-David
She's my daughter in a box! I love her funny personality. -Dani's mom
She's definitely my fav and #1 daddy ever! She always comes up with new creative positions. -Kevin
#1 Helicopter!- David from school
Shes scary! She'll chopp you up!- also David from school
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by Wack DIsh Soap June 05, 2018
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