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The best little dog in the whole wide world. She was named after Maisy Mouse but it was spelled phonetically. She is missed dearly by her owner who will always love her, but she knows that all dogs go to heaven so she’ll see her again one day.
“Did you meet Mayzee when she was alive?”

“Yes, that little dog was the reason I chose her mom to be my roommate.
by Whatsit2yaa March 30, 2020
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When you post something viral or largely appealing to others online and you get so many responses that it’s impossible to keep up and your inbox becomes overfilled with comments or replies.
Girl: I just posted a public picture of me in a new bikini and I’ve gotten hundreds of likes in the last 5 minutes! I haven’t even looked at how many messages I’ve gotten but the notifications won’t stop. RIP my inbox!
by Whatsit2yaa July 21, 2021
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