4 definitions by robloxismycity

A small child that has one music playlist with 10 songs on a permanent loop.
Garin: !play looking like this
Human Race: *Cuts off ears*
by robloxismycity October 4, 2017
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A crappy twitch streamer that most likely hasn't even hit puberty, he streams with his most frequent and only viewers being his stupid gang of teenagers.
#1 - Hey dude, did you see Stoyd's stream.
#2 - *Walks Away*
by robloxismycity October 3, 2017
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A song ruined by JB and repeated by middle/high school girls that only know one word from it.
#1 Hey, sing Despacito for me.
#2 DESPACITO! da da da duh dah du dah do dee despacito
#1 *Walks away*
by robloxismycity October 3, 2017
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