Justing comes from Justin Timberlakes song "What Comes Around..."
If you have had an ex or whatever, and fate takes a hard turn on their life.
This is called justing.
Justing is when karma takes a bite out of your ex's ass.
For example -

A - My ex boyfriend has been sacked, his new gf dumped him, he broke her car, his mum's kicked him out of her house, he lost his driving license for driving without insurance and he's had to sell his car
B - That's justing for you
by karmasabitch91 January 04, 2010
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A rage-filled fap session for the Biebz.
A rage-filled fap session for the Biebz is called "justing."
by ak2348 June 01, 2014
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Barely Legal. Taken from two definitions of the word Just.

Definition 1: Barely; by a narrow margin; within a brief period of time; only; merely

Definition 2: Legal; legitimate; guided by justice; in accordance with standards; right; lawful; proper
Man 1: “You’d better stay away from her, or you’ll end up in jail!”
Man 2: “No worries, I checked her out. She’s Just Just!”
by Politic Ric June 02, 2010
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This Just In is a phrase told by anchormen when an important piece of news has just arrived while on the air.
by Hamidj21 November 23, 2015
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Buying into a coin at the ATH and then u brendan fraiser into crying jordan - JUSTed
by BUY_INTO_GEMS_ICO January 10, 2018
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To have your spirit and physical being crushed into a state of submission. To have your life ruined beyond repair.
American men tend to get justed hard after a divorce.
by bigguyforyou4221 December 30, 2017
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A TPOT team name that was chosen accidentally
Yeah, we’re Just Not
by TPOTFAN February 07, 2021
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