A kind phrase that is said to end a relationship with another person. However, that person doesn't actually intend to become friends with the person he or she is breaking up with. Another way of perceiving this phrase is: "I'll talk to you today, but I don't intend to see or talk to you ever again."
"I know we've been going out for a couple of months, but I can't see you anything more than Just a Friend."
by Elmer March 31, 2005
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1.Used mainly in cases where a relationship ends as in

a. When a women explains the relationship you share or

b.What your girlfriend calls a guy she's seeing behind your back.
Guy: I love you.
Girl: Sorry, but I don't see our relationship going further than just friends.

Biz Markie: Oh baby, YOU! YOU GOT WHAT I NEEED. But you say he's just a friend.
by num421337 March 29, 2010
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A person that someone is obviously dating,
which is obvious to every single person in the world except said victim, er, person.
So, you hanging out with Kristen tonight? Nope, her justafriend is taking her to dinner and movies.
by VAKI5 May 08, 2005
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A term a guy uses when he is constantly asked by a girl (girl 1) what he thinks about another girl (girl 2). Instead of sharing with the girl asking the question (girl 1) how he really feels about the girl (girl 2), he uses the term to avoid the (girl 1) drama or a mental breakdown if he, in fact, tells her he actually is attracted to the girl she is asking about (girl 2).
Cyndi: Who is that girl you are talking to online, Rachel?
Brian: Oh well, just a friend!
Brian to David: So, I met this hottie online and we went out on a date yesterday.
David: I know, Cyndi told me her name was Rachel, but whay did you tell Cyndi she was a just a friend.
Brian: Dave, you know how obsessive and crazy Cyndi gets...
by notreallywhohesaidIwas September 09, 2013
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A member of the opposite sex with whom hanging out should not be subjected to a parent's traditional rules of dating, curfew or scrutiny that generally apply to a teenager's boyfriend or girlfriend.
So what if he's 18 and I'm 15, why can't we drive to the theater? He's justafriend.

No, her parents won't be home when I go to her house tonight to watch a movie. But that's okay, she's justafriend.
by Greg Gerber October 12, 2004
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