A phrase used to tell someone to leave them alone, often when being abused, e.g. being punched in the arm repeatedly.
by Joleeee January 10, 2020
A way used to tell someone who is doing something that is annoying or to tell to just stop whatever they are doing. Often saying can you just stop alone will not be enough to get your message through. For example if the person you want to stop is a annoying person or just highly persistent often it will take multiple can you just stop. In more extreme cases cursing may be needed to get the message through.
Guy:how was your day?
Annoying guy:oh yea I went this cool trip bla bla bla
(10hours later)
by mr mr jellyman October 30, 2017
A page shitposting about Charli XCX, Mitski, Grimes, Arca, etc. It is (basically) the Vietnamese version of ultravioletlove, memesofcharli and c_xeon.
Other aliases: @cantu_juststop; Can’t u just stop?
- Hey have you seen the latest post of "Can't u just stop?"?
- Yeah... They need more recognition!
by haikyo13 December 19, 2021
To tell someone to stop, with a serious tone.
Shawn: Hey you got rejected

Devin: Just fucking stop you fat piece of shit
by devinhacks November 11, 2017