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A way used to tell someone who is doing something that is annoying or to tell to just stop whatever they are doing. Often saying can you just stop alone will not be enough to get your message through. For example if the person you want to stop is a annoying person or just highly persistent often it will take multiple can you just stop. In more extreme cases cursing may be needed to get the message through.
Guy:how was your day?
Annoying guy:oh yea I went this cool trip bla bla bla
(10hours later)
by mr mr jellyman October 30, 2017
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Toys that were the thing in 2016.

It was basically like rasing an animal from a egg state. Then once the child has "matured it enough" it'll hatch. But there was one HUGE FLAW and that wad that is took almost and sometimes more than a hour to hatch. Seriously what were they thinking what kinda kid would want to pet a plastic egg and listen to it for a hour. Also many of them would hatch btw.

Once these things do hatch it's pretty like a Furbie. It's furry creepy has the faint eyes and talks to you. There are many different kinds some you can only find in store like target.
Hey little jimmy wanna hatchimal for your birthday?

Fuck no those things take an hour to hatch and mist of the time they don't hatch I wanna iphone 100000000 with 64gigs nigger
by mr mr jellyman October 30, 2017
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Joe:bro you broke my mothers vase!!
Joe:oh its ok come in for a hug!
by mr mr jellyman January 10, 2018
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The a is a 4
The e is a 3
He's bl4z3ing!
by mr mr jellyman January 3, 2018
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A weird YouTube channel that should not exist. For starters the channel has nothing to do with toys. But they also make really bad videos about nusery rhymes. I'll name a few "five little hitlers jumping on the bed, daddy finger hulk, and five little minions jumping on a bed". The animation makes a the drawings you made in pre-k look like something made by Pablo Picasso. It's so atrocious its as I you took a idiot, then told him to animate while he's high, this is what you would have. Plus there's this weird guy singing it,and it sounds like he's playing with his ding dong, while raping a puppy, and snorting crack. Honestly this channel does not deserve this definition. It's so terrible if you showed it to 5year old they'd throw themselves off the emire state building.
Search up toys in Japan , and you'll see what I mean.........
by mr mr jellyman January 19, 2018
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Computer geek
Someone who always knows what do to on a computer. Whether its a mac a chrome, ir even some weird ripoff brand they know what to do
Johnny:hey how do you make a chart in word again?

Ceek:ok here's how (bla bla bla computer stuff)

Johnny: Thanks
by mr mr jellyman January 18, 2018
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An imaginary term used to describe how a procrastinator avoid doing important tasks.

Often it is though of as whenever the rational decision maker wants to make a good choice like doing homework the monkey takes the wheel and makes the person procrastinate
Joe:hey don't you have a really important project due?
Henry:yea well my instant gratification monkey wants me to look through India through google earth!
Joe:well don't blame me I you end up flipping burgers for a living!
by mr mr jellyman January 4, 2018
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