what you tell somebody to do when they are just full of shit.
Guy 1: Yeah, those waves were so rough, that I eliminated them and became the emperor penguin.

Girls: wtf?

Guy 2: Dude Just Shut Up!
by DA_EPIX_RAVEN January 3, 2015
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when ur mother is being a little bit of a bitch, not only reserved for your mother, can be used for your father if he is still around. Tbh homie probably left u but idk. also used to a friend or enemies,can be used for other family aswell u can use it for teachers aswell , instead of swearing at them, it will get u into a bit less trouble
SHUT UPPPPP ur such a Karen, like just shut up..... no one cares about what u have to say
by Laraaaaaaz September 2, 2021
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When your friend keeps telling you that you suck but you just don't care and want them to shut up
"hey you suck"
"hey i don't care just shut up and leave me alone"
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On December 23, you must cease all arguments, memes and conversations about furries. This ropes in anti furries, too

Seriously just shut the fuck up about beating furries or being a furry and partaking in these god awful days
"ewww furry art, go kys"

"Careful, you aren't allowed to talk about furries on Shut the Fuck Up About Furries Seriously Just Shut the Fuck Up day"
by anonynonmous December 19, 2020
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