5 definitions by Laraaaaaaz

This is a made up word that can be Used in any context especially when u are talking to stupid people, just add it in the sentence and if they ask just make it up depending on the situation
Omg I know right sosnusjag is a new part in today's world, it's so important and whatever
by Laraaaaaaz September 2, 2021
When someone is being real sussy (suspicious) and you need to make sure that they know they are being sussy (strange).
Ayoooo u know that ur being a real SUSSY BAKKA I don't like it .

by Laraaaaaaz September 2, 2021
when ur mother is being a little bit of a bitch, not only reserved for your mother, can be used for your father if he is still around. Tbh homie probably left u but idk. also used to a friend or enemies,can be used for other family aswell u can use it for teachers aswell , instead of swearing at them, it will get u into a bit less trouble
SHUT UPPPPP ur such a Karen, like just shut up..... no one cares about what u have to say
by Laraaaaaaz September 2, 2021
thats some real good soup, said quietly in a depressed voice. said when you are having soup no matter if it is good or not
hmmm that some good soup
by Laraaaaaaz September 2, 2021
its an abbreviated word for hot chocolate, used to piss of parents coz they don't know what it means, lets be real because "hot chocolate" is a very long word and we are all lazy
mother get me a hocho NOWWWWWWWWWWW
by Laraaaaaaz September 2, 2021