1 When you feel a little scared, confused, pened, or other emotions.

2: when you like something but not to much.
I'm Just A Bit awkward.
by ASFMF March 16, 2020
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A teency little bit; common phrase said by Me!
There's just-a-wee-bit of time before Christmas break! I have just-a-wee-bit before I have to quit procrastinating...
by Jenni December 9, 2002
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Idiocy in its purest and most concentrated form; a trio of scumbags effacing the natural beauty of the Earth and trying to look cool while doing it.

Retarded inbreds aiming to leave a mark of their existence while the only thing they have accomplished is profound ignorance and wasting the Earth's resources in the process.

To call these "men" monkeys would be both a compliment and an indecency to all primates.
The infamous youtube video brief taking place in the exotic Goblin Valley.
"Wiggle it...... Just a lil bit" "BAH"!

Anyone who decides to wiggle it just a little bit requires sincere counseling.
by Macademia73 October 19, 2013
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Slow the game down just a little bit. Originating from the almighty Monto while describing his ultimate power of Hex Ruin. He truly slows the game down just a little bit.
"Hex ruin: Slow the game down just a little bit"-Monto
by Almighty Dwight Fairfield March 23, 2019
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It means that the situation that is being described is a binary. It is something that is either IS or ISN'T. Such as is the case when one is pregnant. One either "is" pregnant or "is not", there is no in between or partial pregnancy. It means it is a situation in which there is no ambiguity or no gray area. You can't be "just a little bit" of certain things.
You can't be just a little bit pregnant when you are talking bankruptcy. You can't be just a little bit bankrupt. You are either bankrupt or not bankrupt.

Lou Mannheim (Hal Holbrook) in the movie "Wall Street" used this phrase while conversing with Bud Fox
by idiomsfanatic April 9, 2007
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A term used in prisons because so much of it happens there it's no longer a big dill to them. Means that you only ass raped them once or twice ect. to show them who's boss but not all the time.
The other prisoners said that they really like John so they only ass raped him just a little bit.
by Deep blue 2012 May 16, 2010
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