5 definitions by ASFMF

A big giant monster is a monster that is really big and evil to humans. they like to be alone. The big giant orange monster is the enemy of the ninja team from episode 1. They eat plastic and wood. The only thing the humans could do smething good to them is giving them food because they like to eat a lot!
I saw a big giant orange walking.
I studied how the big giant orange monster are.
by ASFMF March 7, 2020
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The thing that lonely mens say to single girls.
by ASFMF April 4, 2020
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1 When you feel a little scared, confused, pened, or other emotions.

2: when you like something but not to much.
I'm Just A Bit awkward.
by ASFMF March 16, 2020
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A question when a person talks to somebody but he doesn't know who is him. The kazoo kid is pewdiepie.
wait a minute, who are you man, would you like a kazoo?
by ASFMF March 19, 2020
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