a very bad hangover; used to express the way you feel after a hard night of drinking when all you can do is lay down.
Man, I'm completely junked today. I can hardly see straight.
by Joe2009 October 13, 2009
When you press or rub your bulge on any part of someone with or without their consent.
Dang, Jeff just totally junked that girl by the bar.

Girl you best move your chair and let me pass unless you want your back junked.
by the boogie man lives! December 10, 2010
Partially or completely wrecked.
Dude, Jess totally junked her car last weekend!
by ezzie April 19, 2007
An expression for being hit in the balls Hard!
by Mike October 26, 2004
When Urban Dictionary editors reject your definition despite there being thousands of way worse definitions on Urban Dictionary.
Hey man, I went to put some awesome definitions on Urban dictionary and I got junked.
by Durr??? July 29, 2014
TO 'Junk' a mate is to set him up with an ugly chick. SO when telling your friends you would say 'I Junked barry so hard today!'
Man i junked Barry so hard today, i swear that chick had more acne craters then Jupiter!
by Hammy_string June 24, 2009
It’s a bad thing
But what does it mean?
Tim: Stop being such a junk-junk!
by Tim’s Som October 9, 2021