According to Adam Corolla it's high school with ash trays and a waste of time among other things.
Guy # 1:"Hey, where are you going to school?"
Guy # 2:"Just Junior College"
Guy # 1:"I'm sorry"
by Philippe February 6, 2005
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Junior College = High School: part 2
Bob: man, I go to a Junior College, I feel like I'm in High School: Part 2

Rob: I know man, but its soooo easy!!

Bob: yea, Junior College is easy!
by salsa9417 August 9, 2006
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A school in Malta typically abbreviated to just JC. Junior College is a post secondary school in Msida home to a lot of basic people and nonces. Most people that attend the school are shitty persons overall. Except a few that are cool i guess.
Nathan."Fejj tmur skola bro?"

Kieran. "Junior College bro"

Nathan. "illostja kemm int depressed man"
by Il Kbir Albert October 9, 2020
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The perfect balance of neighbourhood school and elite school. Strong meme culture, most people ain't toxic but when there are toxic people, oh boy. Somehow, a large LGBT and independent artist population. Somewhat balanced (staff and students alike) racial background ratio.
Students of this institution (called 'TJCians') are university bound pupils fuelled with Passion, Purpose, Drive, Integrity and Compassion, the school's values. TJCians are generally more relaxed, but will have 'sad boi hours' nearing examinations, however still manage to promote to the next year anyways.

For College For Nation.

Located at 22 Bedok South Road, Singapore.
Karen: "Talk to me like you're an idiot!"
Me: "I'm sending our future child to Temasek Junior College"
Karen: "Perfect!"
by FailingChemUnderSuresh March 6, 2019
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A school with too many stairs. It takes at least 10min to walk from the side gate to the classrooms. But most of the teachers are really passionate about what they teach and genuinely care about the students. A good school to go if you are looking for a caring and nurturing environment. But too little ccas for the secondary section
U go to the National Junior College? Damn the number of stairs there is crazy, u must be very fit
by ky262 August 22, 2021
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A ~premier~ institution for higher learning. Student population is 90% incestuous with RI/RGS kids with 10% from other schools. Students party every night and have hangovers the next morning, smoke in isolated stairwells and makeout in handicap toilets. Nobody hands in homework unless they're from China but everyone takes 73094750 tuition classes.

Retainees are cool, Triad is the school band, and everyone is addicted to ice lemon tea. All science students take H3 (advanced subject). Arts students try to overcome their marginalization by having rave parties in school with alcohol and getting hickies before being reprimanded the next day.

But everyone leave with crazy!good results anyway.
1:RAFFLES JUNIOR COLLEGE'S FIERCE! The students party all day/night and they still get good results!
2: inoerite! :(
RJC Students: Don't hate us cuz you ain't us. :)r
by rafflesians May 12, 2008
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Person 1: Bro you go Temasek Junior College isit?
Person 2: Ya not bad apparently got some room in the library people go piak piak
by pubic hair cleaner August 22, 2021
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