3 definitions by Philippe

A kid who likes to steal food and annoy his friends Philippe and jed
Oh hey cameron how you goin?? Oh good but just got better with you having food
by Philippe April 29, 2020
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A self proclaimed genius and literally a millionaire. Pioneer of such games as "Ace's Mexican Ranchero Accordion Countdown" and "Germany or Florida." Aliases include "Ace Rockolla" and "Chief Thunderbear."
Drew please. 8:29, 29 after 8. Chino checking in at 59, Fullerton 59 degrees, North Hollywood....59.
by Philippe February 6, 2005
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According to Adam Corolla it's high school with ash trays and a waste of time among other things.
Guy # 1:"Hey, where are you going to school?"
Guy # 2:"Just Junior College"
Guy # 1:"I'm sorry"
by Philippe February 6, 2005
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