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The day that everybody wishes they were born . You’re Probally a hilarious person . Everybody wanna speak to you . You got positive vibes . Da baddest bitch
June 28 is the day to be born .
by Heyooo265743 October 19, 2019
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If your were born in this day then you are a funny, kind, and amazing person. But you think differently you think bad about yourself and when are looking your happy but when they look away you cry and are very sad...
June 28: Your crying because you hate yourself but your best friend wants to FaceTime stop crying and pretend to be so happy
by June 28 November 16, 2019
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June 28 is the day the most shy and insecure people are born. Also it's national give your friends $20 day.
Friend: Give me $20.

Other Friend: No. Why would I do that?
Friend: It's June 28th duh.
by Dr.Phil_Offical November 2, 2019
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today is the day you can bully any boy as long as you give them a blowjob
yoooo it's june 28 imma go bully my boyfriend
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National Hate Fortnite Day-
A day where you have to spend 30 minutes posting hate about Fortnite on any social media you have.
Kristal- Did you read my story?

Jackson- Ya, you posted so much hate on Fortnite, I'm proud of you. Did you read Emma's story as well, she really went in deep for June 28. I think she really hates it.
by Your.Mom.Loves.Me December 28, 2021
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Only the funniest, craziest savage persons are born on this date. If your born on June 28, you're fucking lit!
I was born in June 28, that means i'm fucking awesome.
by sexycheesecake21 October 17, 2019
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