While some people may think it is a sport, it is not. It is reserved for little kids, rockey, and older people that have no life. Usually performed by females, some males may also jump rope. they are just like male cheerleaders; just because they say they're doing it because theres a bunch of girls, they're really gay and we all know it. While the whirring noise of the rope wizzing past ones head may induce feelings of euphoria, it is not recommended for anyone trying to get laid by a legal aged specimen of the opposite sex
"O shit, did you see Bill jumping rope?"
Yeh i did, what a fag.
"but there's a few girls, he says he is gonna get with one of them."
No, he's been doing this his whole life and never touched their pussy, he is gay, he jumps rope.
"But that girl over there likes it"
yeh but she's 12.
"good point, bill is gay"
by dirtymike72 January 19, 2009
Jump ropes are used when you want to get down a dirty with your gurl Carol. Carol loves to be restrained and she loves rope burn.
Dam Carol, u be looking like a hole snacc, I'mma slide into more than ur dms gurl. Get over here. I'mma get the jump rope.
by OnlyTheWorstPerson April 8, 2019
another way of saying "take drugs"
"hey, hey, wanna go jump some rope...?"
by Kevin (gawanagan) Lam May 20, 2005
this isn't your traditional elementary school recess toy. this shit is real. to successfully execute the "jump rope", one must master the element of surprise...it is then and only then that the jump rope can be accomplished.

first, you will need a chick in your bedroom completely unclothed and ready to be pounded. it is at this point that the male subject must surreptitiously creep behind the unsuspecting female, turn sideways, and proceed to insert only his thumbs in the female's vagina and anus, respectively. no further effort is necessary on the part of the male, as the speared female will jump up and down until she is able to escape from the human jump rope that has been created.
Nate: "dude i'm pretty nervous about taking it to the next level with Emma. got any tips?"

Drew: "honestly..you have to go big or go home. it's 2011 and you can't just rock it missionary anymore and expect a chick to be satisfied. you should seriously consider giving her a jump rope...i know it may sound odd at first, but chicks completely dig it..."
by me@tspin February 19, 2011
The coolest sport on earth. It is a competitive and performance sport, you can do all types of things like multiples, manipulation, strength, and also acrobatic stuff. It only uses two matireals you and a rope. There are teams worldwide and the beat in the USA, 8 years running are the Cary, North Carolina Super Skippers, so go check them out.
Person 1: What are they doing?

Person 2: Oh, their Jump Roping

Person 1: Wow, Jump Rope is a cool sport
by Mypsedonym3000 February 20, 2019
When you’re sucking a dudes dick and pull your mouth off, it’s the string of spit that hangs from your mouth to the tip of his dick.
I sucked his dick so sloppy that there was a jump rope hanging from my mouth!
by Dash9424 March 7, 2019
This is the person who likes to go out to ruin everyones night, they sit there n dont talk or they just keep following you around not saying anything, then when it gets good they want to go home. The whole time you are jumping over them to have fun.
So i took katie out last night, she was a total jump rope all night long, I shouldnt have even went out.
by Swasian February 23, 2009