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The process of gaining an unsustainable orgasm from Sam the man. Originated from the time when the legendary Eldawg was eating jumbalia and gave a women a jodie.
Rebecca: "See that guy I had sex with last night?"
Jodie Ann: "Yeah?"
Rebecca: "Well he gave me a jumbalia!"
Jodie Ann: "Was it Sam?"
Rebecca: "Of course, who else?"
Jodie Ann: "Yeah he gave me one too."
by sambo49 February 26, 2009
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A word that can be used in situations where you don't want people to know what you just said. Usually after you say it, the person just turns away thinking that you're an idiot, but really you just hid what you said.
Guy 1: What did you say?
Guy 2: Jumbalia!
Guy 1: *turns and walks away*
Guy 2: *whispering* You're a douche!
by Tojo Hiroshita November 24, 2010
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