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James Owen Sullivan (February 9, 1981 – December 28, 2009), or The Reverend Tholomew Plague, often shortened to The Rev, was an American musician, best known as the drummer for the American metal band Avenged Sevenfold. He was also the lead vocalist in Pinkly Smooth, a side project where he was known by the name Rat Head, with fellow Avenged Sevenfold member, guitarist Synyster Gates. Sullivan grew up and lived in Huntington Beach, California. The Rev was found dead on December 28, 2009, at the age of 28.
Jimmy Sullivan was an amazing musician that had all the potential in the world, but died before his time.
by Tojo Hiroshita November 19, 2010
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A word that can be used in situations where you don't want people to know what you just said. Usually after you say it, the person just turns away thinking that you're an idiot, but really you just hid what you said.
Guy 1: What did you say?
Guy 2: Jumbalia!
Guy 1: *turns and walks away*
Guy 2: *whispering* You're a douche!
by Tojo Hiroshita November 24, 2010
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Quite possibly the best college in the world. Located in Idaho, it has one of the best campuses of any college in the world. It is an extremely high rated school, ideal for anyone. With a productive curiculum, it is sure to educate everyone for the better, and make them a successful individual.
Did you seriously just believe that there was actually a college called the Canadian Institute of Hispanic Studies?
by Tojo Hiroshita May 26, 2011
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A boner that happens randomly and unexpectedly. Usually it is not a good thing. They generally tend to happen at the worst possible time or a time when it is not acceptable or called for. Sometimes it happens when a man is not even turned on or horney.
Man, it was weird. I was just sitting in math class and boom, random occuring boner. It made no sense, there wasn't even a hot girl in the room
by Tojo Hiroshita November 24, 2010
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Rawb is another way to spell the name Rob. Typically used to describe an awesome person named Rob, it is a cool way to spell the name Rob, and is unique and different.
Girl: Hey Rawb!
Rob: Hey cutie!
by Tojo Hiroshita November 10, 2010
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