A day where the most clever, beautiful, smartest, funniest and kind people are born.

On some occasions they're meme lords and great guides to the internet.
-That man here has everything going for him.
-You bet! He was born on July 16th

-This guy born on July 16th is so intimidating, I could never talk to him...
-Don't hesitate! He's great, he will make you comfortable then laugh your ass off
by The_red_Ostara February 4, 2020
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James: Hey, do you know what day it is?
Cameron: Oh yeah! It’s July 16th, National Ask Someone Out Day! You should definitely ask out Chloe!
by Joe Momma21 November 12, 2019
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The day you were most likely born if you are looking this up
Chad: Ayyyy happy JULY 16TH
Brad:Thanks my man
by Frat boy101 November 3, 2019
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The day that the “best friend” is born , the one who knows EVERYTHING but never tells . The one who loves but never loved .
Best friend: hey whens your birthday?
Them: July 16th ,why?
Best friend: Oh can you tell me the secrets ?
Them: no they are “secrets” for a reason.
Best friend: ugh.. nobody likes you .
Them: i know …..
by MaxisShort_L March 6, 2022
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People born on July 16th are angels and u should never ever ever hurt them in ur entire life.
Person: hey! What's ur bday?
Person 2: it's July 16th
Person: that explains why u are SO AMAZING
by Let's.just.forget December 17, 2021
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Its National Asshole Day!

Nows the time to acknowledge all the assholes in your life.
Sophie: Hey is July 16th!

Isaiah: Ok?

Sophie: Its National Asshole Day

Isaiah: And?

Sophie: You're an asshole
by Harassment1234 November 15, 2020
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the day two teenagers fell in love.

(usually named ell and molly)
*july 16th 2020*
“will you go out with me?” molly asked

“:0...i-...yes.” ell replied

“i love you molly.”
“i love you too, so much.”
by peanug November 16, 2020
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