Occurs annually every February 27th. This is a day to remember assholes who have come and gone in your life. Whether you encountered them in traffic or they stayed in your life for a longer period, possibly an asshole disguised as a non-asshole, this is the day we remind ourselves who the assholes are, and remember to avoid them at all costs.
"Hey asshole, just because this day celebrates you, doesn't mean you can cut me off in traffic!"

"Hey look, after not telling me he had a girlfriend and trying to get me, asshole broke up with his girlfriend and now decided to try to get with me. No way. He's an asshole; we remembered him on National Asshole Day."
by lady radio gaga February 26, 2010
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Every June 1st is National Grumpy Asshole Day. Make sure to appreciate any grumpy asshole’s you know.
“Hey, it’s June 1st, you know what that means...”
“It’s National Grumpy Asshole Day! Happy grumpy asshole day!”
“shut up”
by mwah_fishytits November 22, 2020
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National Disabled Asshole Day (N.D.A.D) is a day where you and your best friends suck each others dicks until the sperm starts leaking out of your nose or eyes and or until you pass out.
Hey daddy its time to celebrate National Disabled Asshole Day
by Retardist February 12, 2021
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