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An amazing girl, usually short, but thats ok because what she lacks in height just goes toward her amazing personality. Juliett's are normally very nice and kind but have a rebellious side too. they are the most loyal friends who would do anything for their friends, no matter what. They're the types of friends who are your therapist, soulmate, best friend, funniest person ever, and the list would just go on forever, they are just downright amazing!! They are the friends who you do stupid things with, smart things with, and you have the most memories with. If your friends with a Juliett then you probably have a lot of inside jokes with her and you both just have to give each other a look and you'll start laughing uncontrollably. If your friends with a Juliett then consider yourself lucky because that's a friend who will be a friend for life no matter how distant you two get you'll still always be friends and you can always depend on them.
Juliett's are short funny not normal and downright hilarious.
by freacklesrocks December 05, 2013
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