A Girl Who have really good sense of style
Random person: Wow that Girl have a great style

Other random person: She must be a Julie
by EllaJ December 06, 2020
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Julie is perfect, when you fall in love with her you will never let her go, She is very special, when you meet one you should never let her go. Because that will be the biggest mistake of your life my friend.
Friend: Omg are you still talking to Julie?
Me: Yeah I'm literally obsessed with her! She is so perfect!
Friend: Good luck dude!
by SomeGuyThat'sNamedHakan November 23, 2018
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one of the nicest people you could ever meet. she’s cringey but we love her. she’s funny but cares too much about her self, after all she is an assquarlius.
me: my dad just died

julie: bitch look what bean just texted me.
via giphy
by ieatmypoop83 December 04, 2020
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Our lord and savour, also has a massive cock! One of the funniest ppl ik πŸ—£πŸ’―
by Theyluvme May 13, 2021
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