The most amazing girl i've ever met in my life, happens to be my girlfriend at the moment. she has beautiful eyes, an amazing personality, she's gorgeous and sooo much more. any person would be extremely lucky to have her. did i also mention she's super stubborn and a bitch<3
julie is gay.
julie is a bitch.
julie is the best i've ever had.
by Pepaaa :) May 07, 2011
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the most beautifull walking girl on the planet. she is very lovable! her eyes are gorgeous. her smile can light up the room. she will try to make your day better when she is misrable. most likely to flirt with evey guy, but when she's taken, she will be loyal, and only flirt with him. she's the most amazing friend! she can be a bitch but thats just her(: veryy hot. a great kisser and great in bed(:
mhmm i want her to be mine!
she's a julie for shure!
by him327 July 15, 2009
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Julie is a tall beautiful girl that walks into room and turns head. She is not afraid to be herself and people always see past that. She is down for anythingggg. Always there and hottest girl.
Nick: Dude Chayton did you see that amazingly hot girl?
Chayton: Oh yeah! I met her last week at a party her names Julie. She's pretty chill
by nicksss0010 June 28, 2009
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Highly loyal friend. She will rule your affection and once you have hers it will be forever but wont like to share you as her friend.
Your Julie's friend...oh sorry
by quelkum February 11, 2010
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Julie is a kickass girl, who can show you a good time by riding dragons and conquering mythical lands. She is the dictator of a large kingdom and won't be afraid to put you in line. Julie is also a fantastic lover and should be paid for her level of skill in the bedroom.
Chris: Man, I can't believe we're under Julie's Regime
Nathan: True, but at least she's foxy
Chris: Amen to that!
by TheWolfbat July 16, 2012
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a brown haired girl that has glasses covering her gorgeous eyes. loves books, her friends, and earth. changes every year or so, but you still love her. is really friends with someone popular, but likes to hand out with other groups. loves being different and likes others who do too. full on comedy and can laugh off anything.
"man, did you see how julie made a complete fool off herself and just laughed it off?" "sure did. i love that about her!"
by yadda yadda yadda June 13, 2009
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