A Julie is the most amazing person ever! She will always be there for you when you need her. She tends to have 'blonde moments' but that's why you love her. She might be shy when you first meet her but once you get to know her she is a fun, crazy, loving person. She will make a great girlfriend. A Julie is sweet and drop dead gorgeous!! Like BEAUTIFUL(: She is crazy about one guy. And loves all of her friends. A Julie knows how to cheer someone up when they are sad. She knows all the right things to say. You should always go to a Julie if you need anything! A Julie is usually tall. And is very athletic. All the girls wish they were her. A Julie is very fun to be around and will always make you smile(: Even the first time you meet a Julie you will love her. A Julie is just perff in her own way and listens to no one but her self. She knows right from wrong. And is just the definition of AMAZING! Make sure you never lose a Julie, they are a one of a kind(:
Julie is the most perfect human being
by jaybird23 January 03, 2021
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The most beautiful girl in the entire world. She can make you smile and laugh even when you don't want to, and you are guaranteed to have a good time with her. She has eyes that you can get lost in and her smile is breathtaking. It doesn't take long to develop feelings for her because everything about her is perfect and every guy wants a girl like her.
Guy 1: Wow! She's hot!
Guy 2: Of course, that's a Julie. I'm gonna marry one her day
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by jaybird23 December 06, 2020
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Julie, is a kindhearted person she is scared of (deep water and bugs) easily and very clumsy, also very loving and caring towards Her family keeps her head up and does her best Easy to make laugh and makes you happy just hearing it keep Julies close as the keep secrets and always have you back and great to talk too :)
A Julie is a trustworthy person
by Blake castle October 01, 2020
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A very rare type of friend which relates to anyone on a superior level
Bro my friend "Julie" is always so relatable
by Xyn0tic October 20, 2020
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Julie is the most amazing girl in the world. She is so beuatiful and she is so kind. She makes every body laugh, if you have a Julie in your life you ar very lucky. And don't let her go! She is the best at everything. A julie is so amazing.
Omg Julie is the best.
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by Svein herbert October 15, 2019
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Julie is a super beautiful girl, she is extremely talented and a very happy girl, she has a heart of gold and wants to make people happy alot of the time. She will always work hard for what she really wants and wont give up on it! Julie is stunning and this often causes alot of jealousy, she is usually quite excited and happy and gives the best advice and is always there when you need her. She talks a lot. She is very kind and people want to be around her. She has brown hair and has siblings. A lot of people love her.
Julie is really beautiful with green or brown eyes and long brown hair with the best smile. She is the greatest friend anyone will have and always has to let out her drama. Sometimes she has to get involved with drama but that doesn't let her down. Great sense of style and is picky with perfect friends. She has a few siblings and is very smart. She knows how to take care of little children while dealing with her own problems. Isn't the type of girl hanging around with boys, but they all chase her anyways and she could get any guy she could if she wasn't such a prude.
by jadeover3hs April 07, 2021
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