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1. A code word for African American people.

2 A slang term used to refer to an African American.
1. "Dude there were so many Brunsons at that hip hop show."

2. "Yo waddup Brunson?"
by gspfan88 December 18, 2010
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A massive shit that one has to take mid-afternoon. It was named after a co-worker who would always disappear for 20-30 minutes around 2 pm everyday.
Oh shit, I have a brunson brewing.

I've got to go take a brunson.

What a massive brunson I just took.
by Super esoteric July 11, 2008
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The act of meeting a co-workers wife for the very first time and immediately sharing every gory detail about the last business trip causing your co-worker a night of grief.

Past tense - brunsoned
Verb - brunsoning
I don’t bring my wife to work functions anymore because one time when I did I got totally brunsoned by that guy from Iowa
by 1BadBadger May 09, 2018
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