1. A code word for African American people.

2 A slang term used to refer to an African American.
1. "Dude there were so many Brunsons at that hip hop show."

2. "Yo waddup Brunson?"
by gspfan88 December 18, 2010
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A massive shit that one has to take mid-afternoon. It was named after a co-worker who would always disappear for 20-30 minutes around 2 pm everyday.
Oh shit, I have a brunson brewing.

I've got to go take a brunson.

What a massive brunson I just took.
by Super esoteric July 11, 2008
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A name derived from the son of a brown haired man.(brown son)
His name was George Brunson.
by Jake Dope September 15, 2008
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A very sweet and charming person, who pretends to be a misanthrope but secretly loves everyone. She has an incredible brain which is not only an organic graphics calculator but also library of information (especially science) and memories. Don't mess with her because she'll never forget about it!!!
Person 1: Ms Brunson today told me to "go away"
Person 2: Yeah, she is the best. I love Ms Brunson!
Person 1: Absolutely agree!
by Very Really Good January 19, 2023
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The "Doyle Brunson" is common slang for 2 particular pre-flop hands in the variation of Poker known as "Texas Hold 'Em". These hands are 10-2 offsuited, and A-Qo. The former is named the Doyle Brunson because Doyle Brunson, the actual living poker legend, won the World Series of Poker with this hand twice consecutively. The latter is named for Brunson because it is a hand that for an odd reason he will almost ALWAYS fold.
I flopped a full house with a Doyle Brunson, but fell to a higher full house with 10s full of 9s on the turn.
by Ikasu March 6, 2005
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A living poker legend who won the World Series of Poker in back-to-back years ('76 & '77), Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson is widely regarded as perhaps the greatest poker player who ever lived. He is the author of "Doyle Brunson's Super System: a Course in Power Poker," also known as "the poker bible," and has won countless millions of dollars over the course of his career.
"I paid $10,000 to enter the World Series of Poker just to play in the same tournament as Doyle Brunson."
by Dan Adair August 5, 2005
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Yoman Brunson is one of the coolest people in the word. He is an awesome friend, great athlete, amazing cook, aspiring politician, and a champion dart player. If you ever encounter Yoman Brunson challenge him to a game of darts and bask in his victory dance. Yoman Brunson is a top cook who makes the best chimi chury on the planet along with his famous biscuits and chicken mmm mmm. Yoman Brunson is also good a making kimchi and has a vast knowledge of korean culture and spirits. Yoman Brunson is a very dependable friend and a good uncle "Yoda".
That yoman brunson sure knows how to do the shuffle
by kimchiqueen November 16, 2011
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