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1) Nice
2) Awkward
3) Caring
4) Hopeless Romantic
5) Loves Cheesy Jokes
6) Smart
7) Funny
8) Sensitive
9) Out of this world
10) A great friend
Jimmy: Hey,"What's 2 +2?"
Melanie: Uhh, I dunno. Four?!
Jimmy: Me and You.
Melanie: Oh! You're such a Juhi.
by MysteryBat12 April 26, 2011
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hindi name for a beautiful, small, white, very fragrant flower. Such a person is extremely pretty, delicate and spreads her joyful fragrance around her.
juhi is so beautiful, i can't take my eyes off her.
by jtqk February 22, 2010
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An Indian term for one's girlfriend or "main chick". Derives from a famous Indian actress's name, Juhi Chawla, who was also a former winner of Miss. India.
Akshay: Yo Avi, how is your juhi man?
Avi: She's good man we ate pani puri last night bro.
by PJeep October 03, 2016
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1) person who likes computers
2) clever yet unclever person
3) someone who is very "my style" yet also rather uncool. :D
1) she really lieks computers . she's a total juhi.
2) shes really intelligent. she got full marks in teh maths test, yet she's also quite dopey. she's the perfect juhi!
3) *puts on fake cheesy over-exagerated high-pitched american accent* "oh my gawwwd, she's like, totally my style, but also kinda uncool.. oh well. :p "haha only kidding)
by domdudomdudom December 23, 2005
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