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1) Nice
2) Awkward
3) Caring
4) Hopeless Romantic
5) Loves Cheesy Jokes
6) Smart
7) Funny
8) Sensitive
9) Out of this world
10) A great friend
Jimmy: Hey,"What's 2 +2?"
Melanie: Uhh, I dunno. Four?!
Jimmy: Me and You.
Melanie: Oh! You're such a Juhi.
by MysteryBat12 April 26, 2011
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hindi name for a beautiful, small, white, very fragrant flower. Such a person is extremely pretty, delicate and spreads her joyful fragrance around her.
juhi is so beautiful, i can't take my eyes off her.
by jtqk February 22, 2010
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She is the kind of girl who seems to be happy all the time, smiling and greeting everyone she meets, outgoing, but still reserved in some ways. However, behind all the smiles and laughter, she too goes through mental breakdowns, tears and stress, but regardless of what she goes through, she'll always have a smile on her face to make others around her feel better. She is unfortunately a hopeless romantic, who isn't interested in short term relationships, but rather the values long-term and meaningful relationships. She is nice to those who treat her with love and respect, but can be salty as heck to those who boss her around. She is not afraid to say NO to people, regardless of their position or importance in her life.

Most Juhi's have black hair, brown eyes and are of South/ North Indian descend. And most importantly Juhi is secret savage eating for her moment to strike.
Tom: OMG did you see that girl over there, she's really pretty and seems really nice. Should I ask her out?
Guz: Ahh hell no, don't even try, she's such a Juhi, she'll roast the heck out of you!
by flowers/roses November 10, 2018
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Amazing friend but if u deceive her she will murder you yet she never learns
Oh she is such a juhi
by Iminchurchnow October 23, 2018
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An Indian term for one's girlfriend or "main chick". Derives from a famous Indian actress's name, Juhi Chawla, who was also a former winner of Miss. India.
Akshay: Yo Avi, how is your juhi man?
Avi: She's good man we ate pani puri last night bro.
by PJeep October 03, 2016
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1) person who likes computers
2) clever yet unclever person
3) someone who is very "my style" yet also rather uncool. :D
1) she really lieks computers . she's a total juhi.
2) shes really intelligent. she got full marks in teh maths test, yet she's also quite dopey. she's the perfect juhi!
3) *puts on fake cheesy over-exagerated high-pitched american accent* "oh my gawwwd, she's like, totally my style, but also kinda uncool.. oh well. :p "haha only kidding)
by domdudomdudom December 23, 2005
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