a juggernaught is an extremely obese female, often dressing in clothes for a much thinner woman such as miniskirts and tank tops.
the name is taken from the game Modern Warfare 2, where the juggernaughts are extremely large, tough and hard to kill, it is the same with these female juggernaughts, it is unadvisable to approach one, as they often ensnare young men.
steve: "oh shit look, a juggernaught"
pete: "fetch me my intervention"

matt: "dude...theres a juggernaught behind us..."
will: "pretend you have not noticed and DO NOT make eye contact!"
by stevesthename1 November 18, 2010
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A Muslim individual who wears a head dress or Punjab. Looks like the video game character from Call of duty MW2 . A real life juggernaught.
me and inderjot where walking by a swarm of juggernaughts
and they started speaking jibberish, so me and inderjot ran for our lifes and heard a deathly scream. JUGGERNAUGHT.
by juggernaught clan jfss November 08, 2010
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Jugger naught is formally known for wanting to "bea the shit outta charles ass" and saying very boisterously that he is the Juggernaught.
"Stfu Charles"
"Ohh im trippin'"
"Charles i beat the shit out yo ass"
by chris capp July 15, 2006
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He is taeh awesome LOLZ 'coz of his w00tk0r3n355 and he p00nz all n00bs. He cannot be stopped once he gains momentum coz he is Teh Juggernaught Bitch and can fucking weave through trees.
Zap zap zap zap " what the fuck is this shit, don't u know who i am (he must not know who i am) i am the juggernaught bitch" throws their own pimp at them. woot woot Teh Juggernaught Bitch

"Let's have a rape party bitch, ive been ready to fuck in this tight suit, im the juggernaught bitch!"

" bam, got yo dumbass" " shut the fuck up charles, what the fuck is this shit, shut the fuck up" " hit u with my pimp cane"
by wootz0r June 05, 2006
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