The best guitar player on the planet. He is so hot you will just melt. He is very sweet and genuine. No one is better. He is also very stubborn.
That guy Juan will be famous one day.
by Mkhljhj September 12, 2014
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Possibly the coolest name you can have.
The first Juan was born in the badlands of Mexico and according to the legend raised by dragons until the tender age of five at which he, single handed defeated a troop of french invaders by giving them wrong directions that took them into a pit of eternal damnation.
It is also said that, at 15 years of age, he created the cult to kukulkan the feathered snake by taking a snake, covering it with glue and sticking chicken feathers to the poor animal. Kukulkan is still worship at Yucatan up to the present day.
The story goes on to tell incredible feats that would make Hercules himself look like a kid.
The funniest part is that he died killed by a coconut while taking a nap under a coconut tree (of course) at the tender age of 78.
Juan already did that!
I wish I was as cool as Juan!
When I grow up, I want to be just as cool as Juan.
Juan is my hero.
by John Cousin March 20, 2008
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Spanish name most closely related to that in English as John. Popularised in the west by the Johnny Depp film "Don Juan", the name Juan strikes fear into the hearts of lesser men. Translates loosely to "man with everything"
Pronounced differently than expected

Juan -> "hhh-wa-n"
Steph- Hey Jenna how is it going with Charles
Jenna- God Steph he was so passe, such a no in a big way! i found a new guy... his is Juan"
Steph- He sounds like a pretty hot guy! Its not too mexican like Miguel, its soft and subtle and incrdibly sexy!
by Charles Olson November 08, 2006
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Spanish form of "John."

It means "God has given," "gift from God," and/or "God is gracious."
"Juan es en la bibliotecha."
"John is in the library."
by GOD'S NOT DEAD! January 30, 2015
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A Juan is a guy known everywhere. Theres always a Juan in every town. In the old Greek language Juan means master, chief, king, they always had slaves named carlos and francisco and still to this day some juans have a dog named Francisco and most juans have a nigger friend named Carlos. juans these days are known as playa pimp bosses or pimp boss playas, however you wanna call it maybe BOSS HOGG. they also hate pheonix arisona cuz its a peice a shit. A juan is also a guy that every girl wants to have for many perticular reasons but girls are just gonna have to find out.
Wow! you were such a "Juan" last night Carlos.

That guy from last night was great in bed, i think his name was "Juan".

Carlos I fuckin hate you! You should be more like "Juan".

Does that guy have a slave named carlos? wow he must b a Juan.
by fck PHX May 09, 2010
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the most common name in the mexican language.usually verry popular at school.is very talented at soccer.ladies man and is good at sex.pleasures the women.a fine as guy with a big penis
ohh my god he was so good at sex! i think his name was juan kuz he sure was one
by redrum murder March 30, 2009
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