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The label of the pairing of Joe and Kevin Jonas in a Jonascest fanfiction.
Joe pressed soft kisses to Kevin’s neck, and the older one could feel his brother smiling against skin.

This is part of a Jovin fanfiction
by Nykz13 January 27, 2009
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1. the beastiest beast that ever beasted beastville.

2. gumbercules - as flexible as gumby and as strong as hercules

3. the man

4. a 5 year old trapped in a giants body
i wish i could be more like jovin

that is so jovinesque
by jovinator July 28, 2008
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1.a short white kid with long hair and looks like a mop head
2.The most liked person ever
3.a playa
joivn is so playaish but looks like he could wip up the school, that because hes spanish
by Jamal December 04, 2004
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