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kids named Josip are top blokes, who are alway there to steal your Mrs. He once one of them sent a dick pick and it was so big the girl thought it was fake. Josips get in trouble all the time, one even got in trouble for bullying his teacher once. Josips are is a cunny funts and one i know got suspended 5 times in one year. XD
I wish i could fuck a Josip
by 18 inch May 17, 2017
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nice sweat kind rude when times come and has a good Croatian spirit
josip is coming to Christmas dinner and giving his nice makayla a pop- tart
by lolmikkilol August 07, 2018
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This croatian word can have two meanings: it is a pissing dog but also a penis who is ready for erection. So it is easy to understand it wrong.
This fucking dog has josiped on my dick! Lucky I haven't got a josip.
by b.schroedoloni May 12, 2014
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a word meaning you are way overly obsessed with croations, so much that people want to hit you over the head with a shovel
he kepted josiping so i had to leave before anything bad could happen
by connor leach October 14, 2007
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