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The ship name for Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph of the band Twenty One Pilots. They practically make relationship goals, even friendship goals, hard to achieve. Even if you don't ship it, you kinda do without even knowing it.
Friend 1: "So, do you ship Joshler or do you ship Joshler?"
Friend 2: "I mean... I really see them more as friends than anything else, to be honest."
Friend 1: "Yeah, I can see that. But they sure are the literal best friends."
Friend 2: "For sure. Their friendship is so great that it reminds me of an old married coup- my god, I think I ship it."
Friend 1: "Told you it's impossible to not ship it."
by A sømewhat smøl bean February 02, 2016
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the incredibly real pairing of josh dun and tyler joseph, both members of musical duo twenty one pilots.
josh is back in columbus with tyler. joshler is rising once again.
by Minna Saiko January 26, 2016
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Joshler is the pairing of the two best human beings alive, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph of the best musical duo ever, Twenty One Pilots. Joshler is most definitely the best ship to ever happen. I mean, have you SEEN them together??? If you have, you know what I mean. Okay Clique, we all know we ship joshler, maybe as a bromance, but also as a romance. The constant hugs and kisses on the cheek, the more than one time ty slapped josh’s booty, the sweatshirts (u know the ones) , the “I love yous”, holding hands, etc. Honestly, I could write for days and I still wouldn’t have enough time to list all the joshler proof. Just trust me, they belong together. And if I could I would literally sell my soul to Satan (aka dat boi beebo) to make this ship a reality. Too bad school has already stolen my soul. Oh well, they may not be dating (publicly at least lol) but their frenship is unbeatable and no one can argue that. Obsessive fan girl, out.
How tf could you not ship Joshler? They obviously belong together.
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The ship name for the two members of the band twenty one pilots; Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph.
Josh kissed Tyler's cheek at the concert last night. I'm pretty sure Joshler is real.
by sorayares March 03, 2016
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Joshler is a ship name of twentyonepilots' Tyler and Josh. Tyler's wife Jenna does not like when the skeleton clique ships Tyler and Josh because they are “married” (lol jk they are). I ship joshler myself so I can relate to the rest of the clique that ships Tyler and josh.
Jenna: Stop shipping my husband and his bestfren. Joshler is not real!
by Joshler Piglet May 05, 2018
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A drunk or stoner, who gets loves to have a good time.

OR If you pulled a Joshler last night I means you got really drunk, or high.
Man I was a joshler last night. I smoked so much.
by Josh jackson February 01, 2005
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