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Irregular verb.
To come op with a solution, that is briljant, yet so simple, that only a true Jorik would have been able to find it.
"Ofcourse! Now you`ve added water, it all works splendid! You really managed to jorik this problem."
by Master and Commander November 23, 2004
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Briljant, young, male person, based on the legendary Jorik van der Hoek, who managed to save the world from an alien invasion, and solve world hunger in a period of 2,5 hours.
"I wish my son could be more Jorik"
by Jorik van der Hoek November 23, 2004
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A person that sometimes is brilliantly funny, but can be a pain in the ass as well.
His main problem is that he does not know when to stop. This has caused numerous problems in the past, and is presumed to have a negative impact in the future as well.
His main points of focus are Iris and Melanie. He seems to fancy Annemijn.
This specimem of the human species can be heared from several miles away, so you will always know when he is in your vicinity.
Zelda is his favorite game.
Jorik: Yo mamma is sooooooooooo fat!
We: Funny
(several hours later)
Jorik: Yo mamma is sooooooooooo fat!
We: Shut up!!
by Pimpmasta G November 24, 2004
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Jorik is a embodiment of a ball licking straight dude who likes licking russian pussy. People called Jorik usually encapsulate all the negative aspects of a society, such as sexual violence, harassment, child abuse, child pornography, STD and can be a target for bullying that is usually accepted by them. Thus, Jorik is a low-class pleb, who can commit any act of your desire if convinced properly.
He's such a Jorik I want to hit him in the face
by roughsexseeker69 February 21, 2019
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Een dikke Marokkaan die door postbode Siemen wordt ingehuurd.
Jorik neukt met pakketjes en beleverd ze dan met stds aan verkeerde mensjes.
by Big Joe the hatwearer June 06, 2018
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