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The way in which Coach Z says job. Variations inclue jarb, jaerb, and joerghb. This odd pronunciation brought about the concern of his friends, who did their best to help. Coach Z improved his pronunciation after listening to the word job 285,194 times while he slept.
1. Coach Z: Okay there boys, pack it up, pack it in. Great jarb there Homestar.
Homestar: Uh, Im sorry, what?
Coach Z: I, uh, I said you did a great jorb out there.
Homestar: I did a great what?
Coach Z: A great jaerb.
Homestar: Oh man.

2. Coach Z: Jorb.
Strong Bad: (clears throat)Yes, uh, that sounds very good, my only recommendation would be that next time try to add more syllables. Perhaps three, perhaps four? (hysterical laughing)
by Long Pants n Light Globes August 17, 2005
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Coach Z's way of saying the word job.
"You did a great jorb out there,Homestar!"
by Coach Z September 26, 2003
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A traditional priestly garment - commonly used in the Catholic Church. Occasionally confused for a robe or coat by those less educated in the Catechism.
The priest was overwhelmed with a feeling of compassion for the sinners, probably because he had just gotten a new jorb that week and was full of God.
by BigFishDicks December 13, 2010
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Red Neck talk for Jobs, can be used in a sentence to form a derrogatory statement.
"They took our Jorbs"
by Sam January 30, 2005
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