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1) a Korean name that symbolizes mystery. A great legend says of a warrior name Joona who saved the Princess Mi Cha from the all powerful "TigerLord" using unknown martial arts known only by the greatest of Heroes

2)A person with this name is very popular among all types of people.

3) a MothaFukka

4) a Korean nickname for men with the name Byeong Joon
*) Let's hang out with Joona later.

*) Don't mess with that Joona.

*) Mom yelling, "Joona, come do your homework."
by spy(ru)09 May 03, 2009
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A ver good-looking man who gets many ladies.
Person 1-Check out that dude with all dem women.
Person 2-He must be a joonas.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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A guy who thinks he's cool, but is actually a nerd. A joke. Has very big trouble with feelings. Not cool. Girls usually hate him.
Oh no, I think he might be a joonas. run girl! he will hurt you!
by Truthieb November 25, 2010
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