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Very caring and nice person. Emotional and sometimes moody. Very affectionate and easily aroused. A great friend and even better lover, very alluring. Can be athletic but also lazy.
by ratatattat469 November 30, 2011
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A very trashy bitch with no self respect. She is always causing drama or getting into the middle of drama. She dresses in cheap and/or revealing clothes and is shallow. She constantly needs attention from boys and other people. She is not very smart or nice. She can be mean and manipulative. Jonelle's tend to fish for compliments and rate people based on looks. She is a terrible friend and will dump you for whoever is popular at the moment. She acts like a bitch all the time and can't handle not being in the spotlight. She gets jealous of other people's talents and doesn't like people smarter than her. Her vocabulary is smaller than Donald Trump's.
Jonelle is such a bitch. I can't believe she snitched on Bob.

She is so trashy, she's desperate to get fucked.
by Dat_troll_tho July 18, 2016
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