Jonathon a Funny, cute,and nice Guy. He plays sports and is very fast. Most the girls like him for having muscles and his sense of humor. He plays lots of video games at home with his friends on his computer. Although, some girls know him for having a small private. He is a very honest guy and would be good to be friends with.
Bell: OMG Jonathon is so cuteee! Your lucky to have him as your bf.
Hannah: Ya but, he has such as tiny private
Bell: Oh. Really?
Hannah: Yeah i'm disappointed
by TheTruthIsToBeTold February 28, 2018
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He is that shrimpy white kid in your theater class. Jonathon is the type of guy youʻll find playing the game Celeste on his computer and who will write monologues about being at the cemetary. He will often refer to JTM as his leige or John the Superior. When he likes someone heʻll try to be very secretive about it, but if youʻre his friend youʻll know exactly who he likes right away. A Jonathon will often say the word “Poggers” or call you a dummy a lot. In addition, he will bully you for being short or straight, and then will ask you how tall you are. Even though sometimes he can be annoying, he will do his best to hype you up and you guys can be blanket burrito twins together. Heʻll make you laugh a lot and heʻs a great friend to have even though his discord name is ʻImTheBiggestBoy’.
Jonathon likes to make use of the word poggers.
by Rose King 🌹 December 02, 2020
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That super mysterious short rough boy in your theater class that you always want to get closer to who makes you say LAWD HE'S HOT, He's super creative and smart and has a great sense of fashion and will never wear anything trashy or ugly. he's also an amazing person to go to for protection, He can be hotheaded at times and will try to rationalize his anger by venting to others, He's a wonderful and caring person despite his shortcomings. He won't stay a single very long because he's drop dead easy on the eyes and has a personality that you wont find anywhere else.
Jonathons smile is infectious.
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He's a legend with a huge penis, his choise of water bottles is questionable but he's much better than Lewis at hitting a fat one tap. He's no stranger to pulling his friends mum's, HE IS JUST A LEGEND #shazza
Sandra: "Jonathon has a huge penis and is sick at cod"
by Jonathon Big PP November 05, 2019
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he is a nice ass boy who is hot as fuck. he's cute and all the girls will like him. he will date only one of them when he does all the other girls will get mad.
ALL THE GIRLS: oh, Jonathon is sooo cute, i want to just crawl over him like crazy
by Jonathons Hoes November 11, 2019
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Pronounced JON-uh-THON.

An extraordinarily lengthy period of absence from work. So much so that it requires regular dedicated training.

Can also refer to the training itself.
Person a: "Looks like he's doing a jonathon."

Person b: "Nah, he's only had 6 separate periods of absence this quarter. Looks like he's training for a half jonathon."
by Tommy2Jobs January 14, 2020
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