a spanish boy......he is usually an asshole!
why are you leaving me johnathan??, johnathan ...are you gay????, fuck you johnathan!
by chitterbug August 01, 2007
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A word to describe a total douche. This guy is usually the one your girlfriend will cheat on you with. If she's smarter than that, then he'll be the one to coax her into it. A Johnathan drinks heavily and smokes dope 24/7. His music choice is the shittiest of rap. He wears only wife-beaters and sags his camo shorts. You do not want to be around a Johnathan.
God, that guy is such a Johnathan.

Ah, my girlfriend cheated on me with Johnathan!
by thatguychris423 August 05, 2014
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Johnathan is a very loving person. He is very attractive and most of the time he is very playful ( maybe a little to playful at times ). Johnathans are most likely lightskinned and they always have a darker toned - skin friend. Johnathan gets lots of girls but they always have a soft spot for one girl that they will always love and care for over ever girl. They are Cutest, Smartest, Funny, Outgoing boy you will ever meet !
Omg he is so cute .
What's his name?

by myyydictionary.com September 29, 2017
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