The act of getting intoxicated, using various methods which include but are not limited to:

- drinking alcohol
- smoking pot

This is mainly used in western Canada and you may hear your own mother using this term, then laughing like a school girl after the fact.
Aw man, Brandon and I got so John'd on the weekend, we couldn't see straight
by Dhelsdon February 2, 2010
When you get shot at school by an emo kid because you flirted with his ex-girlfriend.
Jimmy asked: Hey Cameron, why are you in the hospital? Cameron replied: "I talked to Cassandra and I got John'd".
by Omgitseli October 9, 2018
To punch a hole in a wall. Usually as a response to anger, pain, or disappointment.
Barney Stinson: "You never break up a girl fight! EVEEEER!"
*punches wall*
Viewer: "Woah, Barney just John'd that wall!"
by 5FeetofSexy October 6, 2012
We've been waiting for this guy for 23 hours and his sister here passed out in her own puke... We've got john'd
by The Baayes March 8, 2009
When someone loses their job and/or pizza chain for saying a word that starts with N and rhymes with 'bigger'. No exception is made for usage within non-racial contexts or even quoting another person. However, exceptions can be made for individuals with dark skin.
Keith: "Ouch, some dude at Netflix just got fired for saying n***** while describing a Dave Chappelle joke"
Jamal: "Lol, he got Papa John'd"
Keith: "I hope that doesn't happen to me or I could lose my career"
by stonedwhilewritingthis July 14, 2018