A person that has a very squeaky, child like voice.
That little kid has a voice like joey pace!
by theworldmayneverknow1234 March 12, 2014
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I gave that Sheila a right Joey Punch last night, mate.
by Sarcia26 July 19, 2019
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the perfect one. Thats it. Thats the definition. You need someone to make you laugh? Ask Joey. You need someone to commit arson with? Ask Joey. You need someone to yell at you? Ask Joey.
Friend 1: Joey Quinn?
Friend 2: The one everyone loves?
Friend 1: And the one who has an inactive bf so is constantly complaining about that

Friend 2: As she should
by fredweasleysimp on twt January 24, 2021
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Joey is basically perfect in every way. She’s stunning which isn’t fair. She’s always happy. She loves with everything. She’s never ever boring. Sometimes shy. A very loyal person. And very straightfoward (in a good way) very blunt. Sometimes it gets her in trouble. But most people love her for it. She’s gonna grow up to be an amazing wife and mom. She’s a huge girly girl but likes some sports. She’s a kick ass soccer player (she payed me to say that) she’s a incredible family member and friend. Everyone loves joey.

Can’t reallt believe I was that nice.
Joey Rae is A loveable person
by Riley1999 September 26, 2018
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Where you rage too hard that the only word in your vocabulary is WHAT!!!
Joey - “What!!!”
James - “Your such a Joey Rahmz”
by Wonky Wonka November 24, 2020
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An annoying guy, but he is a gamer. He needs to brush his teeth, but can be nice at times.
yo dude, look over there. Its Joey Reed.

yoooo wassup.
by YOOO9875345 May 7, 2021
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A Madden Genius who usually picks on retards like Raynard Shuman aka shoo-shoo. His finishing move is emptying his balls in shoo-shoos crusty ass cheeks
Man I thought I had a chance today but Joey Romo dusted off my cheeks!!
by Beardedvillian1 February 3, 2019
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