Sounds extremely gay. His penis is inverse and looks like George Freemans hairy ass.
Joe about to lay a Samantha. "Get your fucking pubes out of my face!", says Samantha
by Kim song dune September 26, 2017
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usually associated with short boys, who indeed seem plenty fruitifull. For example, their favorite color will be purple, or their favorite movie will be something like Mean Girls, or the Notebook.
Dude, are you really wearing purple.. you're so totally joe right now.
by anonymous112746324 June 03, 2009
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A guy who if made fun of will fart diarrhea foam into the persons mouth, his ball smell like dog shit and old tit milk. He can overcome any situation he is dealt usually by doing something disgusting like jamming his finger down his throat and puking into a funnel he somehow managed to ram into his dickhole, he also like to say ram and jam, be aware if you hear those words closely together.
Doctor to Nurse: "Damn it I got another Joe in there it's a mess!" Nurse to Doctor: "Blood and shit everywhere again?" Doctor to nurse: "Yeah vomit too fuck my life!"
by Littleton1984 November 15, 2010
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A red, disgusting, smelly substance
Girl1- Oh dang, I got Joe.

Girl2- Oh I just had Joe the other day, I wont have Joe again for a month.
by ~~~anonymous~~~ May 04, 2008
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MAY mess around with girl's heads. He tells 3 lasses he likes them and then denies it and slags each one of the lasses off to the other. JOE MAY think he has all the lasses, but he really doesn't. He does a lot of moshing and he has long black hair in the style of a side fringe.
Oh my god! That dude is a player, he must be called Joe.
by Eleanor__Bieber February 08, 2012
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A fat ass mutherphucker that sucks camel dick and has a manjina. Melests little boys and tries to hit on the uglyest girls, JOE is a complete asswhipe!!!!!!!
Poop on joe.
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