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A.K.A. "Ler" was the guitarist for the prog/metal/expermamental rock band Primus during the late 80's and early to late 90's. Helped found the first known "Death Metal" band, Possesed. After he left Possesed he joined up with Bassist/Singer Les claypool to complete the line up replacing previous guitarist Todd Huth. With his un-matchable skill putting extremly hard and unussual guitar riffs to Claypool's inhuman bass playing, Ler has become one of the most influencal guitarist of the 90's. Larry's set up includes: Marshall JCM 800, Paul Reed Smith, Fender Stratocaster, and a Gibson Les Paul. Ler's sound developed from many different places. Some of his influences include: Frank Zappa, Rush, Yes, and Metallica
Check out some of the tabs to: Jerry was a Racecar Driver, My Name is Mud, and Tommy the Cat.

All guitar work performed by Larry Lalonde
by Steve Devlin August 14, 2006
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