Any person who enjoys all types of music. They must enjoy anytime, similar music such as rock, heavy metal, or rap, hip hop do not count as people who are considered "Muzik lovers"
I consider myself a person who likes Muzik, i enjoy
rap, jpop, chinese music, some rock etc. :D
by Say Word September 3, 2005
Someone who enjoys all types of music. Like Rap, Rock, Pop, jpop, korean pop, etc. Alot of people prefer one type whether it be just Rap/hip hop/RnB. Also others may only prefer Rock,Heavy Metal,pop rock. These are not examples of Muzik.
I consider myself a Muzik person because i like to listen to Rap/Rock/ "Oriental asian" pop, Techno, etc.
by Say Word August 21, 2005
a term used for Christian hip hop music
term created by/ made famous by lacrae and reach records
also is the name of one of lacraes singles
ridin' wit ma top down listenin to this jesus muzik
by Calvin A July 27, 2006
a streamer whom is bad, and dose not know how to play game, nor speak english
god im sutch a "muzik monkey". or : she is sutch a "muzik monky" i cant even think how they are so big
by luckukain007 September 12, 2019