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The superior Toast harem ship. All others simply do not exist.
Friend 1: I think Tily's the best ship imo
Friend 2: Heresy! Everyone knows JOAST is the true ship!
by SleepyBv January 31, 2018
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your hair looks like a pineapple, im just joasting ya, dont be offended
by unicorncupcakes03 May 26, 2017
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Joast is a word which is used when there is an awkward silence or you can't think of another word to use. There is also a man named Fred Joast. And some Swedish bread or something..
"So yah, I kind of backed into your prize winning poodle... Sorry..."

"Um, you're still my friend, I guess..."

by Spaghetti14 October 30, 2007
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A really bad roast that will lower the victims self-esteem, street cred., and confidence down to 0%.
Person: hey I just got $100!
You: So did I, on a card. Does your teeth gap take debit or credit?

(that was a joast^)
by TheJoastingMaster April 07, 2017
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