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1.A male name. The typical Sewdish Joakim could be social, active (sports), tall, intelligent, funny, and with a great look <3. He loves to help and is very loveable but sometimes nothing seems to be going well for him. Usualy he's happy and you will often see him with a smile.

2. A guy that likes pie

Girl: Do you think I'll ever be on a date with Joakim?
Girl2: Back off! He's mine.

2. Mmmm pie.....
by The King Of Pie (T.K.O.P) September 16, 2011
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1 a swedish name for male.
2 a boy who is nothing but nice and lovely.not all girls like joakim,cuz sometimes he seems to spend more time with computer instead of girls.but the real joakim is caring,humble,and incredibly smart.sweet boy in all!
-i think im gonna define a word on urban dictionary.
-that is?
-whoa,i know.will u ask him to see ur definition?
-no?mby he will find out it someday.and its a little bit stupid anyway.
-haha,i can see that.
by appear online February 04, 2010
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Has a 14m (inch) penis and loves fresh donuts
Joakim cant sleep because he doesn't have fresh donuts and his penis is to big =(
by Captain007 August 09, 2015
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Joakim is a finnish name that's given to fucking faggots who don't have a life.
dad Our child is a faggot!
Mum Let's name him Joakim
by Yea jookim its me February 06, 2019
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a police man that dont like donuts, so he must be gay
that policeman there is joakim
by horosee October 31, 2007
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