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Joachim is the name of a still-living legend.

He is the best at almost everything he does.

But Joachim is also used as a nickname for everyone who are unbelieveable talented, no matter he does.

If someone, except the real Joachim, should be called Joachim, it has to be someone who is extremely out of scale, such as Chuck Norris and Hansi Hinterseer.
1: daaaaamn! That was amazing!

2: Yes he is quite talented

1: Yeah he's almost a Joachim

2: Calm down dude.... calm down

1: You're right.... There's only one Joachim
by Joggerev January 01, 2012
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A boys name for a godlike person.
Known for his great knowledge and his unbelievable skills in allmost everything he does.
Joachim is the name of a danish prince.
Common nicknames for Joachim:
Hey Joachim. How are you doing?
- I am awsome thx!
by Jogge February 06, 2008
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a name for a boy with an exterior meant to reflect happiness, contentment, and joy, but hides a deep internal pain; basically anyone who puts up a front to hide emotional conflict and burden in order to keep his friends from worrying about him.
He's being joachim again.

Joachims have so many problems.
by forum_movement April 25, 2010
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The most cockiest German in the world who says "I'm awesome" 3000 times a day.
-Yo sup Joachim?
-I'm awesome.

-Is your name Joachim sir?
-I'm awesome.

-Shut up or I'll kill you.
-I'm awesome.
by ItsTheOneAndOnlyTruth October 01, 2016
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