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A very beautiful girl who may like guys out of her league, but her amazing personality will get her any guy she pleases. She usually has dark hair, and loves everyone. She does not gossip or stab people in the back, and she enjoys other people’s company. She’s the most outgoing person ever! However, this may come off to other people as she is loud, but if you get to know her, she just has a very open personality .
Person 1: Oh look it’s Jizelle!
Person 2: Oh yeah, she’s really loud.
by Achoooooo November 28, 2017
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Jizelle is a nice, sweet, funny, THICK girl. She is very cool but she is often misjudged. She tends to have glasses but it doesn't matter if she is wearing them or if she is using contacts because she is gorgeous either way. She usually has dimples but for some reason that one certain dimple that pops up whenever she smiles or laughs just drives you crazy! She is very shy around others but she is one CHICA LOCA when she is with her best friends or people close to her. She is very shy at first, but once you share a laugh or memory you two will become inseparable best friends. Jizelle is a really loyal & will make you fall in love with her effortlessly. She's easy to love. She's the best girlfriend you can ever have. If you lose her you're actually stupid because you lost the best girl that will ever make you feel loved. She loves you for you & that's all. A plus to her having glasses is that it's like dating two girls! If you really like her, but she doesn't feel the same way, there is no other girl that will make you feel as privileged for having your heart broken as her. She tends to think little of herself, just like every girl. If you know a Jizelle, give her a complaint every time you see her help her feel a little better every day. If you have a Jizelle in your life treasure her forever because you will never find someone like her. She is very cool but she is often misjudged
Gavin: You see that girl Jizelle?

Matt: yeah... what about her?

Gavin: She's so shy and quiet!
Matt: Dude, no she's not. She's pretty crazy and down-to-earth... plus she has a hot body, like look at that ass! Dude, I want to cuff her!
Gavin: Bro you're so right! I call Dibs on cuffing her!
by queen_bee🐝 January 16, 2018
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A very rude trashy girl who has gone sick in her brain. But most boys don't recognize that and see her as cute!
boy 1: wow jizelle is very cute!
boy 2: yeah but she's also very rude!
by Chickennuggetlover010 August 03, 2016
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